What do experts say about the Mantis X8?

"There is just nothing like the Mantis X8 out there for archers. The amount of data it provides is brilliant. As even more new features are added to the app the X8 can only get better and better."

"The X8 is clearly well-developed, classily small and packaged, and relatively inexpensive in the archery scheme of things. It’s not for everyone; but if you are the sort of archer who likes to reflect and analyse, and have been searching deep for answers, it might well be more transformative than you can imagine."

"The MantisX Archery app draws a trace of the bow movement through the entire shooting process, mapping the phases of each shot by color according to the National Training System utilized by USA Archery."

User Reviews

"I'd pay $500 for this thing - it's that good. There is a TON of actionable data that comes from it, and every update they push out just adds more and more awesomeness. Great work, Mantis team - I'm a huge fan!"
-Dennis K.

"This thing is crazy. I had no idea that the X8 would give me the insights that it does. I've changed three things already in the first week about my approach that I never would have guessed without seeing the data. Love it! Highly recommended for all archers looking to improve."
-John D.

"The Mantis X8 has definitely improved my capability as a shooter. Training the body and mind is no small task, but this definitely helps!"
-Matthew D.

"The Mantis X8 has changed the way I practice."
-Edgar G.

"This thing is awesome! It gives me insight that I've never had into my shot before. I can see trends more cleanly, stop second-guessing myself (because the data is there to validate or invalidate my gut), and separate aiming from mechanics. My groups are tighter, and I've made data-driven adjustments to improve my accuracy. I love this thing!"
-John S.

"Since I'm flying solo with my archery training, I figured I'd give it a try. It's pretty cool and definitely helps me hone in on inconsistencies between shots. A very useful tool, especially for a coachless archer!"

"The Mantis X8 helped me visualize what was happening, and understand what different inputs resulted in. Connecting the dots helped me fix the issue. I'm not perfect yet, but vastly improved! Thank you, Mantis!"


Video Reviews

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