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Introducing the all-new X8!

Where the arrow lands is the final page.  

The Mantis X8 tells you the whole story.

It's time to take your archery training to the next level.

Introducing the all-new X8!

Mantis Works With Your Bow

The Mantis X8 comes with a universal adapter, and we sell extra adapters if you want to use your X8 with multiple bows. Yes, it works with crossbows too!

Mantis Works With Your Bow

Archery Training Device and App

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The formula? Stability + Consistency.

When performance is measured, performance improves.  The Mantis X8 is a data-driven approach to mastery.

The data does not lie.  And now we finally have access to unprecedented data. 

At its core, the X8 is a precision IMU (accelerometer + gyroscope + magnetometer) that analyzes movement patterns.  The X8 analyzes thousands of data points per second, sending the data to an app that provides real-time feedback on your shooting performance.

The Mantis X8 is designed to answer questions that were previously unanswerable: what about that shot was different?  How consistent am I?  My body and mind say one thing, but what actually happened?

The X8 may change the way you shoot.  It certainly will change the way you understand your shooting. 

Learn more about how the X8 works and what people are saying.

Archery Training Device and App

Never Miss Again


"There is just nothing like the Mantis X8 out there for archers. The amount of data it provides is brilliant. As even more new features are added to the app the X8 can only get better and better."


"The X8 is clearly well-developed, classily small and packaged, and relatively inexpensive in the archery scheme of things. It’s not for everyone; but if you are the sort of archer who likes to reflect and analyse, and have been searching deep for answers, it might well be more transformative than you can imagine."

Bow International

"The Mantis X8 is a game changer.  It helps any shooter, at any level improve.  This is a must-have for anyone serious about maximizing their performance."

Brady Ellison

"If you aren't training with the X8, you're missing insights that will fine-tune every aspect of your shot."

Toja Ellison

"I'd pay $500 for this thing - it's that good. There is a TON of actionable data that comes from it, and every update they push out just adds more and more awesomeness. Great work, Mantis team - I'm a huge fan!"

Dennis K.

"This thing is crazy. I had no idea that the X8 would give me the insights that it does. I've changed three things already in the first week about my approach that I never would have guessed without seeing the data. Love it! Highly recommended for all archers looking to improve."

John D.

Take your archery training to the next level

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